Midwest WeCopwatch Regional Groups Form

Copwatch collage

Midwest WeCopwatch Regional Groups Form To Help Start Chapters!
Live in Wisconsin? Michigan? Ohio? Illinois? Missouri?

These Midwest WeCopwatch Regional Groups offer their support.

WeCopwatch Detroit
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WeCopwatch Missouri
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The Canfield Watchmen (Ferguson Missouri)
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Check out the regional pages, and give a like. Over the next few weeks WeCopwatch representatives will be available to train you in your rights when stopped by the police, and while observing the police.

If you live in St. Louis County or Detroit, we can expect to see Know Your Rights Trainings scheduled on the WeCopwatch regional pages.

But if you are serious about forming a copwatch group, and live in Missouri, Illinois, Ohio, Michigan, or Wisconsin, email us directly [email protected] so we can coordinate something more intensive.

Live Streamers Make Great Informants


There are many ways to effectively document the movement while protecting the space, its movements and people’s privacy. Live Streaming is generally NOT one of them.

A common issue with Streamers is their display of entitlement, often citing the value of bringing the movement to the people. But Streamers have a hard time admitting that the police find their work more valuable then demonstrators.

In a world of voyeurism and exhibitionists, Streamers often get carried away, interpreting their role as being a narrator for the movement. They often film people without their consent, placing more value in presenting to their viewership, then protecting the group that is already taking risks by just getting out into the street to protest.

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Copwatching 101 in current Anti Police Rebellions

Out there

Copwatchers are out in full in effect as Anti Police Uprisings continue to take place across the bay area. Here are a couple ideas of what to be looking for if you are out in the streets documenting police actions.

1. Before any police actions occur, get the identity of the officers present.
Names, badge numbers, any weapons, and which department they work for can all be very helpful down the line if any misconduct should occur.

2. Film police movements, formations and any police actions such as threats, attacks, or arrests. (this can help in getting someone’s case dismissed)

3. Film police dressed in civilian costumes.

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Did Oakland Police just join an Anti Cop Demonstration?


Are Roy and Devon just two average guys marching with the people?

Or is Roy and Devon really Officer Jaeger and Officer Buford of the Oakland Police Department running an intel operation on demonstrators?

In the video Officer Jaeger, or “Roy”, says he believes the murder of Mike Brown was an “injustice”, but these officers show poor taste showing up to an Eric Garner protest in plain clothes.

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